shit got weird

to all my loyal fans, i apologize... shit got weird.  two days after my last post the landlord tried to evict me and the family.
then more happened.
and then more.
but during the past 5 months i've fallen in love again... with twitter!  maybe it's because i've been so busy.  maybe it's because of the whores.  and maybe i'm just lazy (140 characters?  fuggedaboutit!)

anyway, please follow all of my witty (and now concise) banter at
doctorglitter on twitter


  1. I wait 6 months for a post that says "Follow me on twitter"? that's like finding out it was all a dream on Dallas.


  2. you are a young ding dong.

    Re... "Switzerland, land of evil neutrality...'
    Son, grown ups know well that Switzerland was the Nazi's bankers.