100 posts!

today i reached a new milestone.  my last post (with thanks to my reader for nudging me) was my 100th career blog post.
and thanks to the new format, i can see that my page has been viewed over 10,000 times!


thanks universe for creating the internet.  and al gore's penis.

thanks reader

thanks to my parents, whom i neglect to thank every now and then.  and thanks to all of my ancestors whose shoulder i now stand upon... for toiling in africa, escaping from trees, walking to the promised land, diaspora'ing to europe, taking a boat to new york, taking TWA to LA, and leaving me here... on the top of all of your collective struggles.  in case you can hear me somewhere, this is awesome!  i'm gonna go eat some ice cream.

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  1. by saying you are going to eat ice cream to celebrate, doesn't that devalue the 100-post accomplishment? You eat ice cream every night.