i have no viewpoint ... on ambien

i really can't come up with any opinions right now.
mayb it's the drugs.  i mean, that's a pretty easy thing to blame.
clenching jaws
heavy creamy eyes
empty brain

woa, i just woke myself up!  i was face into keyboard for 2 minutes i think.  i should set up timers.

rolled at a bar with random folks tonight, and we did fine.  in some ways i'm so proud of those party kids who just fired up and did it.  they saw tremendous opportunity, somehow.  so they went and did it.  or are they all derelict junkies?
either way i think we'll be ok.  and they aren't sleeping here, so low risk over here.

i write an "S" letters upside down.  i start at the botom.  Do any of you readers?
i learned early and never unldeared

ps, just took a break to hot tub.  fell asleep 3 times in hottub


  1. that post had ambien written all over it. incoherent, blabbering, moments of clarity mixed with completely insanity. keep up the great writing!

  2. Michael Bay should turn this posting into an epic movie