UhOh! I'm in trouble

and as usual, it's the same issue.  how the perspective changes as a dad.

so i'm reading a book with my daughter, when it hits me...

my daughter's the same age as my first girlfriend!

i was in second grade, and i was in love with a beautiful blonde... let's call her Jenny.  she was 8 yrs old, also in second.  i remember looking at her (Jenny), staring at her.  studying her smooth skin.  thinking about her hair.  loving the way her clothes touched her body.  i loved/adored everything about her.  i was infatuated.
this isn't dirty by the way, these were an 8 year old's memories

then i looked at my daughter and thought, "what kind of sick fucker was infatuated with a girl this age?  she's just a girl!  omg, boys are little freaks!"

but it also made me love her even more.  just remembering the way i adored Jenny, really loved her.  it made me see my girl as even more precious and ... adorable

but still, this parenting thing is the trip of life.  if you haven't done it, i highly recommend.


  1. you may want to delete this post... or at least say you wrote it on ambien and were under the influence of some heavy narcotic. this is disturbing, well written, but disturbing nonetheless.

  2. nope, still creepy. just change the headline to ... on ambien and you'll be fine