UhOh! I'm in trouble

and as usual, it's the same issue.  how the perspective changes as a dad.

so i'm reading a book with my daughter, when it hits me...

my daughter's the same age as my first girlfriend!

i was in second grade, and i was in love with a beautiful blonde... let's call her Jenny.  she was 8 yrs old, also in second.  i remember looking at her (Jenny), staring at her.  studying her smooth skin.  thinking about her hair.  loving the way her clothes touched her body.  i loved/adored everything about her.  i was infatuated.
this isn't dirty by the way, these were an 8 year old's memories

then i looked at my daughter and thought, "what kind of sick fucker was infatuated with a girl this age?  she's just a girl!  omg, boys are little freaks!"

but it also made me love her even more.  just remembering the way i adored Jenny, really loved her.  it made me see my girl as even more precious and ... adorable

but still, this parenting thing is the trip of life.  if you haven't done it, i highly recommend.


Eyes don't lie postscript

After posting that last one I saw these!

Demi is grinding young dudes. Her eyes don't think she's in her 40s either.

So once again I've got SO MUCH in common with Demi. It's amazing we never hooked up.


My eyes don't lie

I'm walking through the airport and my eyes find the young hotties. Like some US Army laser from space, I spot them in seconds!  I could do this for a living I'm so good.
But when I looked in the bathroom mirror I saw a 40 year old guy staring back at me.
So... Am I officially a dirty old man?  Is "half your age" the definition?
But more interesting to me is this; why don't I spot the 40 year old hotties?  
Easy answer is that there aren't any.  It's untrue though. They're out there. And they're much better lovers at that age too. Go ahead youngins, try it out.

I've always noticed that I'm attracted to my age range. Roughly. When I was 7 I was famous for saying that "i wanted to see 7 year old girls' you-know-what's"
When I was in college my laser spotted girls 15-25
At 30 it was 16-39. At 40 it's 18 - whatever.
But I'm still watching the 20 year olds. I didn't know that would happen!  I'm not sure I'm ok with it. Mostly because it's 'not gonna happen'.
God!  Damn you!  Why do you make me ogle those I can't have!