Groupon For Schmucks

Went to my second Groupon dinner tonite. Strangely it was identical to the first Groupon dinner:

  • Empty restaurant
  • Other people there using Groupons
  • Food overly salty

At least this time the waitress was quite fetching. But I'm banning myself from buying anymore. Unless they Groupon some bacon-grilled cheese eatery.

Interestingly, NPR just did a story about the inventor of the Flip camera.  He sold his idea to CISCO and is now focused on his next big venture:  A Grilled Cheese restaurant chain called The Melt.

I think he's onto something here.  Back in '02 when i created a Grilled Cheese stand at Burning Man, that shit just flew off my pan.  I couldn't make enough of 'em, or fast enough.  If The Melt Groupon's, I'm IN.  Just sayin.


Virtual Time Square

This guy did a really detailed virtual image of Time Square.

Check out the link for the full interactive image.

And btw, i'm back from vacation.  sorry if you missed me.


Pour out a 40 for the Shuttle

It's been 30 years and 135 flights.  And the shuttle program is ovah!  Why?  I don't get it?  It was so cool!  I remember building a model of a shuttle on top of a 747 back in the 80s.  and they were doing so well.  i think they were 133-2 all time.
was it the money?  see this discussion.  one could probably improve a few schools with $18 billion extra.  but that's only if we sell the shuttles... can we sell them?  to Kanye?  party in the Endeavor!
or is it that same old "why are we exploring space when we can't deal with problems at home".  but that's bullshit.  when shit starts hitting the fan at my house, that's EXACTLY what i want to do.  go explore... somewhere.
well, i leave you with this possible reason.  when i looked for a picture of today's launch, it came next to the ad below.  times have changed since 1981.


Is that Freedom Rock man?

i just went to a music festival.  looked a lot like this...

and i learned two things.
1.  We forget
2.  We change

let me get to the first one, before i forget it.  the last time i went to a music festival i took my first child, when she was an infant.  i walked around with a baby strapped to my chest, but otherwise i was free.  despite the brand-new role of parent cutting through my leg like a bear-trap, i managed to drop and roll and see all the bands i wanted to.
things have changed, now i have two kids... and they're large.  and they have opinions.  and, more importantly, i care about their opinions.
6 years ago, it's quite possible that my infant didn't enjoy seeing 'widespread panic' while pressed up against my drug-sweat-encrusted chest.  but i'm not sure i cared too much.  i was already "up to here" with the whole parenting thing.  i wasn't about to give up my festival experience.
this time, i just couldn't bring myself to take drugs and slam the kids against my chest.  for one, my 7 year old would probably kick my ass.  and the cops might have taken me away.
which brings me to item #1.  i forgot!
I forgot what it was like to have only one kid
and i forgot what it's like to have an infant.  they're not that hard.  and they don't care if you party naked with the asian girl from the salmon burger stand.
i thought this was gonna be a snap, just like the last time i went.  oops, i forgot how much my life has changed.
which brings me to item #2.  i've changed.  but i rarely get to measure it so clearly.  this was the same festival, same location, same friends, but different me.
i didn't really want my 'old' festival experience.  i like playing with my kids now.
although its no coincidence that they're actually fun now, not just blobby babies, but that's another post.