The Singularity is Coming! RUN!

I really liked this graphic in Time.

I don't think much of that magazine, see older posts.
but the graph is just cool to look at, and brings up lots of questions.
  • if computers pass the mouse in 2015, will PCs still use a mouse?
  • and will i have a iTouch by then?
all guessing about dates gets ridiculous at some point.  wasn't Judgment Day (in Terminator 2) on August 29, 1997.  In the next Terminator it's moved to 2003.  recently it's 2011 in Terminator-related literature.  and now Time's getting in on the act.

kinda trippy huh?  Time is telling us that cyborgs (i.e. some human/computer combined being) will "replace" the prior human existence in 34 years.  shit!  i was gonna retire that year.  more questions:

  • will there still be internet porn?  because that figured prominently in my retirement plans.
  • is the christian 'right' into this concept?  are they 'pushing it' in a way?
  • will this stir panic?  does it matter?

in the end, it doesn't matter.  the day is coming where humans and computers are joined and the future is irrevocably changed.  no one knows the date, but our guesses will always be wrong.  and Time will still suck.

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